How To Sell Your Website

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The secret to selling web sites for high prices is to increase the value. Here are a few tips on how to do this.
Tip 1: The value is in the domain name.

The domain name is probably the most valuable aspect of a website. A good domain name is a name that is used to remember. This means that sound is catchy and preferably should mean something. At first glance, should remain the domain. A forgettable domain, which would have meant nothing to get a very low price. This is the first thing that buyers see when they buy a website. What is the domain name? Is it catchy enough? Is it brandable?

In times to register domains experienced Internet marketers that keyword-rich. These domains are hard to come by. And if you grab hold of keyword-rich domains, so it can immediately and never let you miss the chance! The reason for this is that these domains tend to rank easily in search engines. If there is an exact domain compete, then there is a very high probability that the site in the first three places in the search engine ranking. This will certainly increase the value of the site you are trying to sell.

Tip 2: How different is your website?

In other words, should your website its own competitive advantages. Do you have unique and original content? Do you have guest bloggers who are experts in the niche are offering their valuable advice? Do you have tools that are hard to find? These elements add value to your website.

Tip 3: Show your traffic.

A website is worth a lot less if you can not prove that you are receiving targeted traffic. They try to show that your site is an established location, and not a fly by night website. It has a history, and people know about this site. He also received the free movement of all the major search engines specifically. Tell your Google Analytics data, if they try to sell your website. The more traffic you have, the more expensive is the place to be. A buyer will be willing to spend much more for an established site with traffic to be paid.

Tip 4: Show proof of turnover.

Never be afraid to hide your income. If you try to sell a website, now is the time to show all sources of income. The more income you can show the more the page will be worth it. Be sure to monetize your website right before you put them for sale. Several hundred dollars in income can mean a few thousand dollars difference in price.

Keep the above in mind when selling a website. If you're lucky, you may just end up selling the site to double its value.