Victoria Falls Bungee

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On New Year's Eve, 2011, young Australian girl visiting Victoria Falls decided how many thousands of intrepid adventurers in front of her was that bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls bridge to escape once in a lifetime opportunity not unique. Unfortunately, they got more adventure and adrenaline, as they had expected, by some miracle survived a live-threatening accident.
As Erin Langworthy (22) for their 111-meter diving with friends just ready to support, no one could have predicted the incredible series of events that would follow. The adrenaline rush, as they made was the bridge and went down into the gorge below must be horror, have transformed how, on the border of the jump, as the bungee rope was stretched to its maximum length and was at the beginning of recoil, the string snapped surprisingly, the brave adventurer plunges into the Zambezi River below the high-speed quickly took them downstream toward the dreaded rapids, the river is known for.

There are incredible presence of mind and physical determination, succeeded Mrs. Langworthy to the south bank of the river, no small feat considering their feet were still connected to each other and swim to a significant heavy bungee cord. At one point they even had to dive to untangle the cord that had wedged between rocks, and she managed to get safely to the shore. Fortunately, the speed of its fall was cushioned somewhat by the bungee rope before it broke, and they fall into the river below was only about 30-40m, and it surprisingly sustained only relatively minor internal injuries.

Mrs. Langworthy was an emergency medical facility in Victoria Falls and later brought to Johannesburg, where they recovered for a week in hospital from her injuries, before allowing him to return home after flying to Australia. Video footage of her amazing ordeal was shown in TV interviews in Australia, and soon became an Internet sensation, with over 1,000,000 people watching the video of her jumping on you tube within 24 hours it is written, and its history, the shown on news channels around the world. Never missing the opportunity, a story about sensations, the rapids of the Zambezi was quickly reported around the world as the "crocodile-infested 'if it is in fact very few, if any crocodiles in this section of the river!

The Victoria Falls bungee runs since, without incident for 17 years and has over 150,000 jumps performed. It is one of the most popular adrenalin activities in Victoria Falls, which has a reputation for outstanding adventure activities, including the famous white-water rafting below the falls. Like any commercial bungee jumping operation is run to strict security levels, with well trained staff in close attendance, strict safety precautions and regular checks on equipment.

After the incident, the bungee operation judged suspended operations, while independent security experts, the causes of the accident. The internationally qualified auditors, security, and tested system controls the operation of equipment and concluded that safety procedures and equipment approved complied with international industry standards bungee jumping.

Together with the auditors of the Victoria Falls bungee security companies have introduced new methods to improve these standards. Particularly with regard to the management and handling of bungee ropes, a safety auditor expressed the opinion that the standards now employed in the industry are unique, and in all probability, industry-leading.

The broken bungee cord was used for forensic analysis and testing by a team of experts in South Africa, by two professors of structural engineering and construction led to the base sent. Be in their investigations, the team concluded, among other things, that the lot of rubber in the manufacture of a failed bungee rope is used, not as strong as it should.

According to this analysis, the Victoria Falls bungee operation later elastics, which has now recommended a greater degree than the "Code of Practice for Bungee Jumping." To ensure that the strength and integrity of samples of rubber cords future be tested before use. In addition, thorough regular inspections take place and load testing of bungee cords to their strength and semi-annual independent audits of security procedures and equipment will confirm to continue.

A company representative said: "The incident was a big shock for us thank God, that Erin was not more seriously injured, her courage and presence of mind was amazing since the incident, we have every part of the bungee-security system was revised and implemented a number. new tests and inspections, to minimize the chances of this happening again. As a result, we can with some confidence that there has never been a better time to secure or bungee jumping at Victoria Falls to say. "

The Victoria Fall is one of the most incredible bungee and safest locations in the world in which they undertake activities. As a sign of support for the operation and security, Zambian Minister of Tourism Given Lubinda bungeed then from the bridge, while the opportunity to wish you a speedy recovery Ms Langworthy and invited her for a speedy return to Zambia and continue their vacation. He even offered to bungee jump with her, but it is not known whether Mrs. Langworthy is keen to try the jump for the second time.

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