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Dentist is the professional title for graduates studying dentistry. In the former GDR, the dentists are known as dentists. The study of stomatology was temporarily closed with a board examination (Specialist in general dentistry) and later with a diploma (Dipl.-Stom. = Graduate Stomatologe). (The Occupation Dentist is outdated and referred to 1952 continued formed dental technicians who were allowed to carry out limited Dentistry.) The dentist is one of Germany the liberal professions, as he is one of Austria the liberal professions.

The field of activity of a dentist includes prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental and jaw diseases. Also, patients are treated with dental recognized occupational diseases (curettage dentium) and accidents at work at the expense of the professional association.

There are approximately 91,000 dentists in Germany, of which about 53,000 dentists. Around 17,500 are in active practices Wizard, representatives, employees and dentists outside dental practices active members. More about 20,600 are without dental activity (as of 2014). [1] The number of dentists in social insurance activities thus rose from 2005 to 2011 from 4676 to 8060 and by 72%.