Houzz Proud

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Most people will undertake a home renovation bear varying degrees of financial stress, not to the twisting of the stomach, which refer to it when their dreams are crushed by the reality happens slowly.

Adi Tatarko, 39, and her husband, Alon Cohen, 40 experienced all this, as well as the usual "War of the Roses" type discord. But the most difficult thing for them in communicating their ideas could be an architect.

After describing the fight for their vision, they were told to buy books and magazines, shelter and crop photos. But "it was not at all efficient," said Ms. Tatarko, because "we could not get enough pictures to show them what we wanted."

So that as the Silicon Valley, in 2009, Ms. Tatarko and Mr. Cohen, then a director of technology at eBay, created an online platform to solve their problem - a site called Houzz who exhibit the work of architects and other professional developers would, so that home renovators have access to lots of images, from which to draw.

They asked some Bay Area architects knew they follow, upload their portfolio, in other cities were soon designer suit.

Three years and two rounds of financing later, Houzz has one of the largest resource for home porn everywhere, a website and iPad app, the architects, builders and interior designers combines with house and flat owners renovating or building a house.

More than 65,000 design professionals across the country have uploaded photos and counting 365 000, create an almost endless flip book of English country kitchens and baths Mediterranean, in a database specifically for filters such as style, color, materials and geographical area.

Houzz-founder, whose affectionate bickering suggests a dotcom Lucy and Desi, was sitting in the backyard of her airy, almost entirely at home rebuilt on a sunny day in February, and explains how it all a little more than five years ago after her move Palo Alto.

"So we have to move to the Bay Area wanted," said Mr. Cohen.

"Alon wanted to move to the Bay Area," Ms. Tatarko corrected.

"I wanted to move to the Bay Area," Mr. Cohen returned to the ship.

"I wanted to stay in New York because I wanted to work on Wall Street," said Ms. Tatarko. "You see who wins."

Mr. Cohen smiled. "All other requests, they'll tell you another story."

What neither the disputes that can not long after moving in 2006, they bought a 1950s-style ranch house, the important work needed.

"What we got was a house built in 1955 - time," said Mrs. Tatarko, a no-nonsense business woman, previously for several tech companies, both of which worked with her husband in her native Israel and in New York. "The kitchen, the bathroom - nothing has been updated."

You can speak the language of the home renovation now, but initially struggled Mrs. and Mr. Cohen Tatarko. For three years after moving in, they changed barely a light bulb, what to do with the small, dark room, an ugly dropped ceiling and a pink bathroom to save money.

"Budgets are very important in a renovation," said Mr. Cohen. "Maybe for people involved in the Facebook IPO is, money is not an issue, but for most people it is."

During this time the couple was looking for a sympathetic architect to clarify their vision and try to see what exactly was this vision, because Mr. Cohen likes strong, modern rooms, while women favored Tatarko more imaginative interiors.

"We thought it would be fun," said Mrs. Tatarko renovation. "Then we were faced with the reality."

Finally they found an architect liked them and settled on a plan. Then, three months, while the main habitats were done, they lived in the bedroom wing with her sons and went without a functioning kitchen.

"People ask us if it is difficult to work together," Mr. Cohen said. "We tell them it's nothing compared to reconstruction."