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What is the relationship? A relationship is defined as a condition of connection or relationship between two or more people. This can be related by blood or marriage (affinity). This is also described as the mutual relations or connections of feelings between two existing parties or individuals. It can be an emotional or sexual affair or liaison or it may also be more friendly or business. There are actually a lot of things that make a relationship successful. As in a romantic relationship requires the involvement of all passion and concern for each other. These are the things that are an intimate relationship and make it get better help. But time passed, relations can also be acidic. One of the persons involved in a relationship may lose his affection for the other person actually always abusive and violent to be the result. This is the reason why there are already many divorces these days, which is a result of violence in a relationship. But it is possible, a relationship, on how to do this? Below are some of the things that are done to learn how you can be an abusive relationship.

The understanding of a violent relationship
An abusive relationship is actually a very difficult situation to get to. That is why many people from this kind of situation it hard to find, behind the pain and the nightmares move this relationship. Abuse at the hands of a loved one may actually leave us feeling or worthlessness, hopelessness and depression. The culprit may well be giving us feel weak and unworthy, but these are actually located in order for us to not have enough strength to fight, or have to move. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways, what we do to escape the pain and the stress of an abusive relationship. However, this requires that we have full determination and courage to face the new chapter of our lives. Below are the processes step by step to do it.
Step 1: Cut out all the connections of the offender
Even if we were released we already out of the hands of the perpetrator, the perpetrator still trying to find ways to get connected to us. This is usually one of the options for the abuser to make any reconciliation. This is actually a part of the "honeymoon" period, where to start the perpetrator promises do not hurt anymore, if indeed, in fact, the perpetrator will return to its original brutal self. However, the words of the perpetrator's be honest, but this is really a way for him to manipulate the situation. Therefore it is important for us to think wisely and not be fooled by the touching words of the abuser to leave since the spiral of violence on and on it can not go on until we put an end to by all connections. Some of these compounds are partners in our mobile phone or via social networks or e-mail. It is even advisable to move or transfer to another location to provide distance from the perpetrator.
Step 2: Connect or rely more on family and friends
We all know that an abusive partner who wants to have abused the control or dominion over the individual. This is the reason why more in touch with family and close friends not only emotionally but also can help in providing more support and protection from the abusive person. Ever more isolate ourselves from other people, the more difficult it would solve for us the control of the perpetrator. It is important that during the recovery phase of a relationship or the replacement, important people who love us always to accompany us and to provide for moral support. Most abused people who are trying to keep their abusive relationship a secret from her family usually end up suffering longer and larger. Being open with the kind of relationship we actually have to register support and care for family and close friends. This can actually help us to recognize our self-esteem and may also create confidence in coping with the situation and the proper and immediate action.
Step 3: Be as busy as a bee
One is the control tactics of a typical offender is to find ways to control or monopolize our time. This can actually prevent that, we going to do our regular and usual activities and routines, and can also hinder us, our hobbies and interests. Apart from an abusive partner to prevent ourselves deserve it or enjoy the benefits of our work. Therefore it is important to become for us to participate again at the usual activities of man and society. Becoming proactive can be very helpful in ending the unhealthy relationship to our perpetrator. That said, we do feel better, always busy, we can help with a lot of things are busy, they help us, away from the bad or unwanted memories we have of our former partners.
Step 4: Find the help of a therapist
The culprit is actually able to lead trauma physically, mentally and spiritually. For this reason it is essential for the abused always seek the help and expertise of the therapist. The words are degrading and threatening behavior generated or caused by the perpetrator, can actually help lower down our self-esteem. This is the reason why many people are abused feel worthless or useless. With a therapist can also help us to get in touch with our support group. This is also a great way for us to open our feelings with regard to the situation that we are dealing with. Openly about tensions in our passage through an unhealthy relationship with a child molester is considered one of the first or primary steps in moving out of life and his recovery.
These are some of the things we need to remember in order to move for us, and away from an abusive relationship. We know that doing these things is not an easy task to do, but the point here is that these things still as possible and / or feasible, if we are determined to do so.