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What is the relationship? A relationship is defined as a condition of connection or relationship between two or more people. This can be related by blood or marriage (affinity). This is also described as the mutual relations or connections of feelings between two existing parties or individuals. It can be an emotional or sexual affair or liaison or it may also be more friendly or business. There are actually a lot of things that make a relationship successful. As in a romantic relationship requires the involvement of all passion and concern for each other. These are the things that are an intimate relationship and make it get better help. But time passed, relations can also be acidic. One of the persons involved in a relationship may lose his affection for the other person actually always abusive and violent to be the result. This is the reason why there are already many divorces these days, which is a result of violence in a relationship. But it is possible, a relationship, on how to do this? Below are some of the things that are done to learn how you can be an abusive relationship.

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