Handy or Trendy

The years go by, but the question about the certain pros and cons, regarding different gearboxes remain. Years ago, the drivers were obliged to steer the wheel and take care of the manual transmission. The appearance of the automatic gearbox was accepted as a quirk of the time and car makers. But, the automatic transmission has become very popular and the reason is not the classic Hollywood movies. Yes, the automatic gearbox is very strange, according to the puritans and classical drivers` habits. But it`s more convenient and usable.

People like to say that drivers, who know how to change the gearbox manually, are better prepared for the different road and weather quirks. Precisely, the mechanical transmission is driven by better drivers and knowing people, it requires certain skill and wisdom. Well, it won`t be anymore. The American and Japanese car makers have reached agreement to produce automobiles that will be conducted only by automated transmissions. Does it mean, that the manual gearbox is about to leave the automobile world for good?


Most of the well-developed countries and societies have certain needs for automated versions of the present vehicles. Most of the people live in huge cities, which require less emissions, more economical engines and … better and faster reactions to the stop lights. It`s true that the automatic cars are intended and well-equipped for the city challenges and mechanical vehicles are designated for the countryside journeys and travels. People that have certain passion and knowledge about vehicles and their functions and systems, and they are keen to choose the mechanical type of gearbox. Drivers, who are more practical in their approach towards the everyday traffic jams and look at their cars, mostly as simple … machines, won`t take any attempt to change their state-of-mind.

In some ways the automatic vehicles are more expensive than the cars with mechanical gearboxes. And most of the people won`t try for an automated version, simply because when it breaks down, the designated repair will be more expensive than the maintenance of the mechanical transmission. It`s true that most of the handy masterpieces are among the best cars ever built. The automated versions are trendy and maybe a part of the newer automobile philosophy and future. Finally, it`s more likely a driver to go from a mechanical transmission to an automated version, than a person to learn first steering without gearbox and go to a mechanical one.